Erotic Show


The ART SPACE presents new works from over 20 local artists at the premier of the Erotic Show. Cupid's cousins Michael Marrero and Marky Pierson have waited all year to reveal the sensuous and provocative art show just in time for Valentines. The group show is comprised of submissions crossing all art mediums and compositions. Partake in a new erotic film from MarkyP featuring local stars, sculpture from Stephen Humphrey, and slick new photography from Michael Marrero, Tom Flip, and Nick Doll. The infamous Wooden Head Gallery showcase has been mentioned more than once in reference to the Art Space's provocatively themed show. The new gallery hosts show openings that feel more like a party than typical gallery show. Live music, beverage cart, video projection, and performance art round out this over the top art production. Local icons and art legends Letty Nowak , John Martini, David Sloan, Will Fernandez, Sherry Sweet Tewell, and Marlene Koenig have pieces along side the fresh faces Kelly Taylor, Romi Burian, Chad Newman, and Li Jones. There is almost more work than the space can contain! Leathermaster contributed amazing hand crafted leather works and art pieces and the reclusive Tim Marshall Curtis presents spectacular sculpture and other pieces with a Mapplethorpe touch. The night is also the kick off party for the Annual Burlesque Festival that culminates at Tennessee Williams on Saturday the 11th. Visiting burlesque starlets Harvest Moon and Nasty Canasta will create live performance art during the show that is not to be missed! Come out and join us for a lively gathering with amazing talent, live entertainment, and great local people. Thursday February 9th from 6-10pm the art party will be rocking and the show will run for 3 weeks with limited hours. Visit for more info, upcoming shows, submission form deadlines, and new design workshops by Joe Kaluha. The multipurpose art, event, and photo studio is located in the heart of Key West at 1102 Truman Ave and is available for rentals for almost any community projects, workshops, photo, and video shoots.

Erotic- Sensuous- Provocative Show
Feb 9th from 6-10pm
Sculpture- Photography- Paintings-Performance

Erotic Show Artist Line Up:

Romi Burian
Tim Marshall Curtis
Nicholas Doll
Will Fernandez
Thomas Filipkoswki
Steven Humphrey
John Martini
Leather Master Artists
Li Jones
Marlene Koenig
Michael Marrero
Chad Newman
Letty Nowak
Markus J Pierson
Peter Polyak
David Sloan
Kelly Taylor
Sherry Sweet Tewell