The Key West Mystery BLOB!

The Mystery Blob is everywhere, but the artist who created the lovable monster is still the mystery. What began quietly as playful street art, has become a citywide cultural phenomenon. The Blob is upon us!

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The beloved and mysterious art blob has stirred up the imaginations of artists young and old. The mystery blob appeared in over 500 locations throughout the city of key west and over the last 18 months his likeness has been imitated, scraped from its home, collected, painted over, and its place in the Key West art scene doubted and debated.

What the Mystery Blob is about and where it keeps coming from has provoked many rumors and stories that keep adding to the blobs mystical appeal. Blob fans participate in blob walks, rides, and blob cake birthday parties, where they document the new and old graffiti artwork tucked away behind buildings, telephone poles, and back alleys. The critics have not understood the fuss around the colorful and monsterous creature that has permeated nearly every street in Key West. Despite being painted over and removed repeatedly the blob seems playfully determined to not disappear any time soon. Its name was quickly dubbed the Mystery Blob or 'Blobbie' for short, and its popularity continues to grow with over 1000 fans on facebook and a large following and even various form of protection from the youngsters in the community. Custom blobs continue to be ordered from Art Space, also known as 'The Blob Shop' and have graced the walls of local restaurants, tow trucks, dive boats, police cars, bicycles, classrooms and more.
Check out Mr Blob on the streets of Key West- view the monster in his natural habitat.
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